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“I know that the terms “One-in-a-Million” and “Godsend” may get thrown around too loosely these days, but those words barely scratch the surface of how amazing Nina is to work with. As first-time home buyers, Nina’s professionalism, responsiveness, creativity, intelligence, and warmth made the scary & complicated home buying process a breeze for my wife Amber and me. As incredibly popular as she is (and I see why), she has the incredibly rare ability to make you always feel like you are her one and only client. I cannot even count the amount of times that I emailed/texted/called her at random times of the day/night with a question, and she always responded promptly with her trademarked friendliness and professionalism. Bottom line, I will recommend Nina until the day that I die to anyone and everyone who is looking to buy a home. She is not simply one of the best real estate agents that I know, but more accurately, Nina is one of the best people that I know.”
– Shola and Amber Richards