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Who We Are

Nina Kubicek

Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Nina Kubicek started her real estate career at age 20. With a background in finance, Nina graduated Arizona State University with honors and studied abroad in Australia at Royal Melbourne University in international marketing and business. Nina speaks fluent Afrikaans and has lived in 5 different countries, including Zimbabwe, South Africa, Australia, Canada and now America. Knowing how to navigate the market and staying informed on the ever changing landscape of real estate has proven to be a huge asset to her clients. Nina devotes all her attention to her clients and has the passion and knowledge to deliver the utmost success for her clients. Nina starred on HGTV’s House Hunters lending her real estate expertise on the show.

Helene de Kock

Helene was born and raised in South Africa. Helene graduated from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa with a Bachelors degree in Business, specializing in Economics and Accountancy. Helene continued her education and also graduated with a senior teaching degree. Helene started her real estate career 25 years ago. Together with her husband they owned their own real estate brokerage in South Africa before they moved to North America. Helene also holds an active Arizona Real Estate sales license where she handled commercial leasing and investment property sales in addition to residential sales. Helene speaks fluent Afrikaans and has lived in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Canada and the United States. Having worked professionally in different cultures she knows how to navigate through complex transactions with precision. Being in property sales for 25 years has become a passion for her and not just a career path. Helene has the knowledge and experience to prove that her client’s success in acquiring the right property will always be her driving force